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Concreting A Pile


Step 1 /2

Approved Mix Designs for Project will be in Site File. Be aware of different mixes used in same shift ie Male & Female mixes.


Ensure pile is at correct depth. A weighted tape measure should be used to establish this.


Ensure all Cage Installation is completed & Checked and in accordance with Procedure “Installation of Reinforcement”.


A  Measured Length of Tremie Pipe & Hopper will be placed into Pile Bore. The tremie pipe shall be of sufficient length to ensure that concrete falls freely no mor than 10M through reinforcement cage. This may be suspended using Rig or Attendant Crane.


On arrival to site The Concrete Delivery Ticket (FIG 01) will be checked by a member of Martello Site Team who will ensure that the Delivery Ticket matches the Approved Mix Design for the pile to be concreted (See procedure for Inspection of Principal Materials).


An approved method of testing the concrete will be used (slump test, flow test) (FIG 02) prior to any concrete being discharged into pile bore. Upon a successful TEST, concrete may then be discharged.


Concrete wagon to be reversed under Banksman control to Pile Head.


A  steady discharge rate of concrete will be allowed to flow into pile via Tremie Hopper & Pipe.


Step 2 /2

A weighted tape will be used to measure Concrete Rise in pile bore. All relevant data to be entered on Digging and concrete sheet.


If required a sample of concrete is to be taken from the middle of the load during placement to make test cubes. The frequency shall be in accordance with project specification.


During or after concreting, tremie & casing lengths may be extracted in a controlled manner as not to affect the integrity of the fluid concrete.


During casing removal concrete levels concrete levels must be monitored closely and the concrete level ‘topped up’ as required.


The concrete level must always be above the ground water level and always above the toe of the casing by a minimum of 2.0m during casing extraction until the cut off level is reached.


Upon completion of concreting, delivery ticket will be signed for & relevant data entered on Digging and concrete Sheet


Concrete trucks will be washed off in a designated area.


ALL fresh pile bores will be protected with barriers or pile covers (FIG 04).

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