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Installation Of Reinforcement Cages Into The Pile Bore

Purpose & Scope

The procedure details the safe lifting and installation of Reinforcing Steel cages including multi section cages.


Step 1 /4

Prior to taking delivery of Reinforcement cages on site ensure that a suitable area has been prepared for lay down.


Use suitable timbers laid laterally ensuring the Rebar is kept clean during storage.


Do not stack the cages more than two high (Fig 01).


Use timber wedges as chocks to stop the cages from rolling


Lift a cage section horizontally from the stack to an area where the Lifting Chains or Lifting devise can be connected to the Lifting Band.


Check that the cage meets the Specification prior to lifting (FIG 02).


Lift the cage using Chains directly onto the Lifting band.


Step 2 /4

Spliced Joint:

Lower the cage section into the pile bore. Add cover spacers to the Helical as the cage is lowered (FIG 04).

Place an adequately sized bar through the cage section underneath the lifting band to allow removal of the Shackles and Lifting Chains (FIG 05).


Lower the next section of cage over the first. Check that the Lap length meets the specified measurement.


Lift up the loose Overlap rings checking the pitch prior to fixing in place with tying wire.


Lock the sections together with Bull Dog Grips. Fix a minimum of two Bull Dogs per bar in four locations.


Repeat until all the sections have been joined (FIG 06).


Step 3 /4

The top section of cage can then be trapped off on top of the casing. Secure the hanging chains beneath the Lifting band and lower into the pile bore to the specified depth. Once the cage has been checked, secure the chains into the hanging block clutch. Cage Hanging Blocks (FIG 07 & 08).

Check measurement again.



Step 4 /4

Coupler connection

Complete stages as detailed above for spliced cages

Secure the cage at a height that is easily accessible for offering up the next section.

  1. Loosen the Coupler ready to make the connection
  2. Lower the next section very slowly making sure the threads on the lowering cage engage with the Coupler.
  3. Screw the Coupler up the thread. Once hand tight torque wrench the Coupler to the specified setting. You will hear a click from the Torque Wrench once the Coupler is fully engaged.
  4. Repeat until all of the sections have been jointed.
  5. Complete stages as per spliced cages 
  6. If required protect the Couplers from Concrete splashes with Denzo tape
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