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Installing Casing & Boring To Depth

Purpose & Scope

This procedure ensures that the temporary casing is installed & the pile is bored using a method devised & approved by
management and details 3 items for the installation of temporary segmental casing & boring to depth.


Step 1 /3

The rig operator & rig attendant will dig a pre-bore with the rig ½ the length of the lead casing (FIG 01). A pile cover will be placed over the open bore while the lead casing is attached to the drive head of the piling rig by the rig attendant. Where possible a minimum of 4 plugs to be used and on casing with only 3 plug holes, all 3 plugs must be used. In some cases where the ground conditions permit the casing may be attached to the head and screwed straight into the pile position.


Step 2 /3

The casing can then be placed in the open bore, levelled & screwed down to leave an up stand of approximately 1m. The casing will then be levelled, checked for position & adjusted if needed (FIG 02 & 03).

Any additional casings required, will be water sealed using casing mats, grease and joined together using casing plugs c/w with rubbers and then levelled & checked again (FIG 03, & FIG 04)


Step 3 /3

When sufficient casing has been installed into good ground the rig can then dig the pile to the require depth from top of casing with the auger.  However, the strata of the pile may require a drilling support fluid and this MUST be added at the correct depth (notified by Management) to maintain stability of the ground and surrounding ground water regime. (see procedure for digging under drilling fluid).  A digging bucket (FIG 05) or bentonite auger will be used under fluid as the rig attendant top s up the pile (FIG 06).


The pile depth will be checked by the rig attendant when the desired toe level is reached. The cleaning bucket will be attached & the toe of the pile will be cleaned out. The toe of the pile will be re checked & the length will be recorded on the Digging and Concrete Sheet.


The pile will be handed over to the concrete ganger for desanding where necessary, followed by the installation of the pile reinforcement ready for concreting

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