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Type of Piling
900mm & 1050mm & 1200mm
Project Difficulties and Restrictions

The scheme required the construction of 58no load bearing and settlement restraint piles of up to 1200mm diameter to be bored to depths of 35m.


Standard piling rigs with an operating weight of around 50-65 tonnes would usually be required to construct piles of this diameter but the party wall running the length of the site would not allow for a machine of this size to operate owing to the operational ground loads being too high.

The Martello Solution

Martello's MP5001 piling rig was capable of delivering the scheme by constructing 1200mm diameter piles to a depth of 35m with an operating weight of just 25 tonnes. The compact nature of the equipment enabled Martello to operate on an existing slab at a lower level within an existing 4.0m deep basement with constrained dimensions.


The Martello rig was able to access the basement via a ramp down which bigger machines would have been unable to traverse.

Specific Project Features

The pile positions were cut from the existing slab using the diamond drilling technique and the existing slab later incorporated into the new building.


The project was completed in two phases which allowed for the base grouting to take place after phase one piling along the party wall. 

Future Potential

Martello's MP5000 rigs can construct large diameter piles up to 1200mm diameter to depths of 35m where load bearing restrictions may restrict the weight of machine that can be used. 


The very compact nature of the MP5000 rig enables large diameter piles to be installed in highly restricted sites. 

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