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London Developer
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Type of Piling
Secant & Bearing
Project Difficulties and Restrictions

Bearing piles, and a secant wall for a new basement structure were required at the rear of several adjacent properties in Mayfair, as part of a redevelopment project for high-end residential units.
Access to the rear of the properties was restricted, limiting the size of the available piling equipment. The site was further constrained by its own tight dimensions, the on-going operation to remove foundation obstructions, an adjacent Victorian-built brick sewer subject to vibration and deflection limitations, and pre-existing piles along the line of the proposed secant wall.

The Martello Solution

Martello Piling were able to provide multiple rigs to ensure maximum production to meet the client's tight construction programme. The smaller sized MP5000 series rigs were easily manoeuvred to operate alongside the other ongoing site operations, without sterilizing the site movement of equipment for spoil and obstruction removal.

Obstructions alongside the Victorian-built brick sewer, were cored out in a vibration free manner, allowing the secant wall to be progressed unhindered.
Furthermore the MP5000 series rig was able to form the piles very close to the existing boundary constraints, thereby maximizing the size of the basement for the developer, and hence maximizing his revenue.

Specific Project Features

Martello installed 145 female and 145 male piles up to 15.0m deep and at 750mm in diameter for the secant wall with bearing piles to 35.0m.


Prior to the project Martello carried out extensive laboratory concrete mix trials, to design the ideal female pile mix, having the properties of being readily pumpable, with a very low bleed potential and achieving the desired strength, without significant further increase with time.

Future Potential

The Martello MP5000 series piling rigs are able to access tightly restricted sites, but have the digging capability to overcome obstructions which would be a problem for similar sized CFA equipment. The ability to install casing without ground disturbance makes them ideal for inner London restricted access sites where a secant wall may be required adjacent to highly valuable property particularly where these may be on shallow foundations.  

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