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Belgium Transmission Towers

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Franki Foundations Belgium
Type of Piling
Project Difficulties and Restrictions

The site required a height restriction to the piling rig in order to maintain a safe working distance from the existing live electric cables, and the piling rig would be required to be eatherd at all times during the operations to strengthen the existing pylon foundations.


The pylons were situated in rural and urban locations, which were often only accessible by restricted access equipment owing to the close proximity of existing structures and buildings. 

The Martello Solution

The MP5000 series piling rig was ideally suited to the project on account of its low operating height and ease of manoeuvrability into the working area beneath the pylon. 


Martello used a balanced hydraulic head to dig the piles under water, and exchanged the digging fluid for clean water prior to concreting. 

Specific Project Features

The foundation upgrade required a total of 56no, 750mm diameter piles which were installed to depths of up to 16.5m at 7 pylon locations. 


The strata consisted mainly of sand with some clay elements. 

Future Potential

Martello's low headroom rigs have the ability to work close to existing high voltage structures allowing for the installation of large diameter piles without the necessity to switch off the power, by maintaining a safe operational distance from the cables. 


The compact low headroom capability will allow similar operations to be undertaken in a safe environment where foundations are required near to live electrical over-head power lines.

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