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Stockley Flyover

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Rotary Bored Bearing Piles
Project Difficulties and Restrictions

As part of this work, a new central pier was required in-between the main and relief lines (in and out of Paddington). 

The work was to be done during a short shutdown possession of 100 hours. 

The tight working area required small machines but still required the construction of large diameter piles. 

The Martello Solution

The Martello rigs were able to operate with ease in the restricted area of the central pier, and the ability to operate multiple MP5000 rigs gave certainty of being able to meet the tight programme requirements, where all of piling works were completed well within the 100 hour short shutdown. 
This saved the need for another later possession to complete the piling and kept the overall programme on target, a crucial requirement in the limited available working times of the railway network.

Completion of the central piles enabled works to progress on the central piers on a tight possession critical programme.

Specific Project Features

The Stockley Flyover Project was delivered by Carillion for Network Rail. The works consisted of constructing a line over the main and relief lines of the Great Western line to service Heathrow.

The MP5000 was used to operate unhindered in this working area. 

The works consisted of 750mm bearing piles to 34m depth. These were all constructed during a 100 hour possession working days and nights. Concrete was pumped by boom pump and materials serviced across a Road Rail Access Point.

Future Potential

The very compact nature of the MP5000 series rigs  allows several rigs to be employed to enable greater production and programme certainty.

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