Rotary Bored Piling Specialists

Ingatestone Underpass

Ultimate Client
Main Contractor
J Murphy & Sons
Type of Piling
Secant Piled Wingwall
750mm / 900mm
Project Difficulties and Restrictions

The project required the construction of an underpass on a busy railway line from London to Liverpool – normally requiring the construction to take place during limited night time possessions and extending the overall project programme. The original scheme was a sheet pile wall solution which could only have been done during night time possessions.


Martello were able to offer a bored pile solution.

The Martello Solution

With the bored pile solution offered by Martello, the work was done during the day time, eliminating the necessity for possessions and thus reducing the programme and cost.


The rig (MP4003) operated in a 4.5m height configuration and this was outside the collapse radius to the railway line thereby providing surety to the safety of the rail operations.


The piled solution was able to benefit our clients programme and the piling works were completed one week ahead of schedule.

Specific Project Features

Works were undertaken using the MP4003 piling rig, to construct the secant piled wing walls for a jacked box bridge structure, and the use of a high strength C50/60 concrete enabled J Murphy & Sons to start excavation immediately after the completion of the piles.

The low rig height and short reinforcement cages significantly lessened the risk of any accidental electrical incidences, but as an additional safety feature, the return conductor of the OLE (Overhead Line Equipment) was isolated during the works.

Future Potential

The use of the MP4003 rig enables large diameter piles to be constructed adjacent to railway during normal working hours, eliminating the necessity for other solutions which may only be undertaken during possession periods.

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