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Leeds Station

Ultimate Client
Leeds Station
Main Contractor
Type of Piling
River Piling for Pier Foundations
Project Difficulties and Restrictions

Network Rail required large diameter piles formed in a river as foundations for a new entrance for Leeds Station.

The site was enclosed on 3 sides by the existing station and 2 high rise hotels, with the only access via river barge underneath 2 low lying bridges. 

The Adjacent Hotels required the piling to be as noise free as possible.

The Martello Solution

The Martello MP5000 series rig was small enough to access the site by barge travelling under the bridges but nevertheless capable of forming the 900mm diameter piles through the river and forming a socket in the underlying mudstone.

Martello proposed an innovative solution to form the piles through the river without the necessity to drive steel casings, by installing a 1050mm temporary caisson to the river bed with the rig, to protect the pile from river flow, and attached a thin gauge liner to the reinforcement cage to shutter the fluid concrete up through the river, negating the necessity for the noisy installation of hammer driven permanent casings.

Specific Project Features

The river Aire flows in a channel underneath Leeds Station emerging on the south side into a fashionable part of Leeds housing several hotels overlooking the river but enclosing it from access to heavy construction equipment.The piles installed in the river were to form new pier foundations for the new southern entrance to the station.

Future Potential

This method of forming large diameter piles by forming an integral shutter to lift the fluid concrete up through an existing flowing river has many applications where it may be difficult to pre-drive permanent steel casings.

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