Rotary Bored Piling Specialists

Manhattan Gate, Middlesbrough

Ultimate Client
Main Contractor
Dawson Wam
Type of Piling
900mm & 1200mm
Project Difficulties and Restrictions

Middlesbrough council required bearing piles to support the development of a three-lane 'lifting' road bridge, with piles located on the dock sides and in the middle of the dock.


Martello were required to core through the dock base and into underlying mudstone to install the marine piles. 

The Martello Solution

Martello installed the piles with a 15m permanent liner which was fixed to the piles reinforcement cage enabling the concrete level to be brought up through the water in the dock, to the upper casting level. 


The barge platform to dock level was approx. 12.3m and the installation of the liner was to be within a 75mm tolerance, this was successfully achieved.


The marine piles were tremied using a lanf based concrete pump to feed the piles.

Specific Project Features

Martello worked with Dawson Wam to install 15no. 900mm and 1200mm diametwer piles to depths of up to 26m.

An O-Cell was installed into one of the marine piles for load testing, of one of the centre pier piles.

Future Potential

The solution Martello provided allows for large diameter piles to be installed through water and for the piled foundation to be brought up through the water as a column in an enclosed steel tube without the necessity to pre-drive any casings. 

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