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Plymouth King Point Marina

Ultimate Client
Main Contractor
Land & Water
Type of Piling
Rock Socket Marine
750mm & 900mm
Project Difficulties and Restrictions

As part of the redevelopment of Plymouth's waterfront, Martello were required to install marine monopiles within the existing King Point Marina from a floating barge subject to a 6m tidal range, and also from a cantilever platform overhanging the marina entrance.

The Martello Solution

Martello worked with client Land and Water to engineer a cantilever platform solution to access the pile positions from the side of the marina entrance. 


The MP5004 rig was lifted onto the cantilever platform by a 300-ton crane from the opposite side of the dock. Martello installed 12m of casing on all piles and then bored a further 2.5m of the bedrock under water with rock coring. Monopiles were installed inside the casings and then grouted into the bedrock before the extraction of the temporary casing. 


To facilitate the tidal variations a podium was welded to a 1.5m section of casing. This was attached to the pile casings once the toe of the pile was excavated and this allowed the piling operations for the monopile installation and grouting to continue regardless of the tide level. 

Specific Project Features

Martello installed 2no. 900mm diameter and 2no. 750mm diameter piles with rock socket depths of up to 6.5m.


The 2no. 750mm diameter monopiles were installed inside the marina for the wave breaker pontoon storage. The 2no. 900mm monopiles were positioned at the entrance of the marina for the wave breaker pontoon to be placed in bad weather to protect the boats in the marina.

Future Potential

Martello have the capability to construct similar monopiles within tidal conditions into hard ground. 

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