MP4004 Launch

7 January 2019

The latest addition to Martello's is the MP4004, designed and built in-house.

Fitted with a Tier 4 final engine, the MP4004 delivers 125kW which enables the machine to construct piles of up to 1050mm diameter, to 40m in just 3.5m of headroom.

The purpose-built MP4004 is the latest in the MP4000 Series and follows the company philosophy of producing rigs with a compact design, low tail-swing radius and small footprint, whilst still offering larger outputs than most mainstream machines of a similar size. 

The addition of MP4004 has allowed Martello to adapt quickly to its growing order book and demands for the 'Martello Technique' in restricted access and large open sites. 

With the ability to work in low headroom and restricted access areas, the MP4004 can work beside roads and railways, under bridges, and in sensitive surroundings such as listed buildings and nuclear/chemical facilities.

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