Project London, United Kingdom

57 Whitehall

Churchill's Old War Office Building

Sector: Buildings

Located in a high prestigious and sensitive area of Central London

Technical Specifications

Pile Type: Bearing and Plunge Column Piles

Number of Piles: 687no.         

Diameter: 450/600/900/1050/1500mm  

Depth: 38m

The Challenge

Located in  highly prestigious and sensitive area of Central London, Martello were required to install the pile foundations to support development of 57 Whitehall. The Old War Office development includes three additional floors on top of the building and a 5-storey basement. 

The project required the careful installation of 687no. piles in total comprising of a 900mm secant wall and 1500mm bearing piles complete with plunge columns to depths of up to 40m. The piling package consisted of 4 separate elements; the mini piling, large diameter restricted headroom, Quadrangle and Tri Courtyard piling. 

The Solution

Martello's previous experience and knowledge of deep basement piling supported them in the delivery of this scheme. By using a mixture of specialist techniques and a programme that carefully coordinated all 4 areas of piling, Martello were able to successfully complete the works whilst minimising disruption to other surrounding operations.

Martello's solution involved utilising two bespoke MP4000 rigs, two BG30 rigs and a Klemm 702 rig. Using the MP4000 series rigs Martello installed 1050mm diameter fully reinforced piles to 38.0m within 4.6m of headroom. 

The 1500mm diameter bearing piles based in the Tri Courtyard and Quadrangle were reinforced with a cage and plunge column within a 1 in 200 verticality, plus 10mm in plan tolerance to enable top down construction. 

Project details

Project name

57 Whitehall




Large diameter bored pile under casing, Micropile, Restricted access bored piling, Plunge Columns (for top-down construction), Secant Pile Wall

Contract type

Design & Build


London, United Kingdom


Franki Foundations, Franki Foundations UK, Martello Piling



Building Period

2018 - 2018

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