Project Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Aberdeen Triple Kirks

Incorporating an 18th century church spire with a 21st century landmark office development

Sector: Buildings

The delivery of a bored pile retaining wall was required to be installed within the restrictions of the piling platform.  

Technical Specifications

Pile Type: Contiguous
Number of Piles: 132no.

Diameter: 750mm

Depth: 15m

The Challenge

The project to construct a bored pile retaining wall, required the works to be carried out on an elevated platform, which was restricted in nature. The restrictions to the platform, limited the size of the piling equipment which could be used for the project.

In addition, the site was also situated adjacent to a live dual carriage way on side, and a school on another, necessitating carefully coordinated deliveries to the project. A listed church spire located at the centre of the works further inhibited the movement of plant and equipment around the site, and frequent sandstone obstructions from the foundations of previous buildings, and naturally occurring boulders in the glacial till were to be encountered increasing the difficulties to the piling operations. 

The Solution

Martello employed two of their MP5000 series piling rigs to carry out the works, and these were comfortably able to work within the restricted platform area. Martello designed a bored pile retaining wall of 132no. 750mm diameter contiguous piles to depths of up to 15m.

Using coring equipment, Martello were able to remove the existing foundation obstructions and boulders along the line of the wall and install the piles needed to support the new office structure. Martello planned all deliveries in advance to keep disruptions to the school and local businesses to a minimum, and to ensure a safe environment during those deliveries. 

The finished office structure was to incorporate the Triple Kirks spire as the center piece of its development. 

Project details

Project name

Aberdeen Triple Kirks




Large diameter bored pile under casing, Contiguous Pile Wall

Contract type



Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Building Period

2014 - 2014

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