Project Ilkeston, United Kingdom

Awsworth Bridge

Piles to support the replacement of an over bridge providing better access to Ilkeston

The piles will support the new bridge providing a wider road crossing the railway and a new pedestrian footpath


Technical Specifications

Pile Type: Bearing

Number of Piles: 40no.         

Diameter: 600mm  

Depth: 19.5m

The Challenge

The existing road bridge running over the live train tracks was required to be reinstated, to cater for larger and more frequent traffic loads. The old bridge was to be lifted out and the new bridge assembled on site and lifted into place onto the new bridge abutments.

The scheme required Martello to install 40no. piles at 600mm diameter to depths of up to 22m, to form new abutment foundations and a retaining structure. The bridge spanned over 4 live tracks, and although the site had no physical height limitations the piles were in close proximity to the train lines and hence subject to ALO working in certain locations. The piles were required to be drilled under water and to be cased to full depth to assure the pile integrity.

The Solution

The MP5000 series piling rig was suited to the scheme and operating in low height mode was able to work effectively throughout the shift without impacting on the operation of Network Rail. 

The piles were fully cased and the spoil retrieved could be periodically checked against the boreholes to validate the strata to determine the presence of coal seams or any mine workings. 

Martello's compact rigs enable large diameter piles to be installed in restricted access sites where height restrictions also apply. The ability to fully case the piles allows variable strata to be easily dealt with. 

Our compact rigs enable large diameter piles to be installed in restricted access and low headroom sites. 

James Blackwell
Technical Director

Project details

Project name

Awsworth Bridge


Bridges, Road works, Railways


Large diameter bored pile under casing, Restricted access bored piling

Contract type



Ilkeston, United Kingdom


Amco Rail Ltd

Building Period

2016 - 2018

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