Project London, United Kingdom


Re-construction of Feltham bridge after a flood river caused scour to the foundations

Installation of 26no. restricted access bored piles within 3.5m of headroom.

Technical Specifications

Pile Type: Bored

Number of Piles: 26no.         

Diameter: 750mm & 900mm  

Depth: 18m

The Challenge

A flood river had caused scour to the foundations, and partial collapse of a brick arched structed supporting the Reading to London train line at Feltham which resulted in train diversions.

The project required the installation of 6no. 900mm diameter piles and 20no. 750mm diameter piles, installed at track level next to the operational line. 

The 900mm diameter piles were installed underneath the railway, within the confine of the 3.5m x 3.5m flood arch. The site restrictions limited the size of the piling equipment which could be used for the project. 

The Solution

Martello provided the MP4000 series rig to operate within the constraints of the flood arch to install the 900mm diameter piles. A low headroom rig was also provided to work at track level next to the operational line for the opposite abutment work.
Martello were able to form the piles whilst the railway was still operational, preventing further disruption to the client. 

The programme was critical as delays were incurring huge costs to Network Rail. Martello were able to finish ahead of the target programme completing the works two days before Christmas.

Project details

Project name



Bridges, Railways


Large diameter bored pile under casing, Restricted access bored piling

Contract type



London, United Kingdom

Building Period

2009 - 2009

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