Project London, United Kingdom

Hackney Wick Station

Redevelopment of Hackney Wick Station providing an underpass, to better connect the boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets

Installation of piles to support the underpass allowing for safe pedestrian access to the new station

Technical Specifications

Pile Type: Contiguous Pile Wall

Number of Piles: 124no.         

Diameter: 750mm  

Depth: 17m

The Challenge

The project required the installation of 3no. contiguous bored pile walls to retain the existing station.
The piled walls were to be constructed next to the live train line, the station and adjacent to the public access route to the train platforms, all requiring careful coordination of operations limiting the size of equipment in order to maintain a safe working environment. 

The Solution

The Hackney Wick train station was to be renovated as part of the ongoing development of London's train station framework. As part of the scheme an underpass was required to allow safe pedestrian access to the new station, and the contiguous walls would provide a structurally robust retaining structure maximising the area which could be used. 

Martello installed 51no. piles up to 17.0m deep and 750mm in diameter for the contiguous walls. Working next to the live train line and the existing station Martello's rigs were able to work unaffected by height and weight restricted which may have restricted the use of bigger equipment, and were able to do this without being subkect ot restricted working hours or line closures on the railway, thereby creating savings in programme time and cost. 

The Martello rigs are ideally suited to safely working in restricted environment, close to the general public. Their size and weight maximises the programme potential for operating within normal working hours, and their capabilities allow large diameter piles and retaining walls to be constructed in most environments. 

Project details

Project name

Hackney Wick Station


Bridges, Railways


Large diameter bored pile under casing, Restricted access bored piling, Contiguous Pile Wall

Contract type



London, United Kingdom


Volker Fitzpatrick

Building Period

2016 - 2018

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