Project London, United Kingdom

Mayfair Park Residences

Delivery of a triple basement structure

Sector: Buildings

In order to deliver this complex scheme, Martello were required to combine several piling techniques in order to support the redevelopment of Mayfair Park Residences.

Technical Specifications

Pile Type: Secant/Bearing/Plunge Columns/Tension Piles

Number of Piles: 281no. 

Diameter: 750/900/1500/1800mm

Depth: 55m

The Challenge

The Central London site had logistical access restrictions limiting the delivery of plant and materials. This was further exacerbated by an existing façade requiring 600mm diameter piled support, in only 3.8m of headroom.

Behind the façade the scheme required a 900mm diameter secant wall at different levels, bearing piles at (1800mm and 55m deep), and large diameter plunge columns to be installed with an installation tolerance of 1 in 400. 

The Solution 

Martello successfully delivered the 14no, 600mm diameter façade retention piles to 25m deep, using their MP4002 piling rig, installing up to 10m of temporary casing, in just 3.8m of headroom. This work was undertaken before the internal floors were removed thanks to Martello's ability to work in 3.8m of headroom., allowing the contractor to progress with the further demolition of the exisitng structure, thereby releasing the rest of the site. 

Behind the façade, the scheme proposal of a 900mm secant wall, was successfully re-designed by Martello as a 750mm wall, furnishing the client with additional floor space, and cost programme savings. 

The project is a part top-down construction for a triple basement structure, requiring a perimeter secant wall, along with plunge columns, to assist the scheme for the wall support, and also to provide support for the upper works. The wall piles, 1.8m diameter bearing piles and plunge columns are installed with a Delmag RH28 piling rig. This rig provides delivery of all aspects of the scheme including the 55m deep tension piles. The plunge columns are installed and positioned using Martello's in-house designed plunge column frame.  

Project details

Project name

Mayfair Park Residences




Large diameter bored pile under casing, Plunge Columns (for top-down construction), Restricted access bored piling, Secant Pile Wall

Contract type



London, United Kingdom



Building Period

2016 - 2017

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