Project London, United Kingdom

Wimbledon Court 1

Development of Wimbledon's Number 1 Court

Development to increase seating capacity and guarantee play in all weather conditions with the installation of a retractable roof.

Technical Specifications

Pile Type: Bearing

Number of Piles: 19no.         

Diameter: 600mm & 900mm  

Depth: 35m

The Challenge

A new retractable roof for Wimbledon Court No1 required 900mm diameter piled foundations for the super-columns supporting the roof. The requirement to maintain the working functionality of the No1 Court facility meant that these foundations were to be constructed with minimum disruption. 

The delivery bay, Ice-cream Parlour and restaurant had very restricted access conditions, and a headroom contraint fo between 3.6m to 5.0m, and a new foundation requirement of a total of 19no. 900mm diameter piles to 35m depth.

The Solution

Martello installed 17no. 900mm and 2no. 600mm diameter piles to 12m. The site restriction required that concrete for the project was pumped approximately 120m. 

Martello used their smallest rig the MP4001 to access the delivery bay and Ice-Cream Parlour without any major demolition works. To access the area below the restaurant a hole was cut in the floor and the rig was lowered to the underlying basement by winching it down by hand. 

The use of the MP4001 allowed the large diameter piles to be installed for the super-columns without major disruption to the highly important No1 Court facility, thereby ensuring the client's ability to maintain its revenue during Wimbledon. 

Project details

Project name

Wimbledon Court 1




Large diameter bored pile under casing, Restricted access bored piling

Contract type



London, United Kingdom

Building Period

2016 - 2016

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